How To Have A Green Christmas in Hong Kong

Christmas is rolling around the corner and the festivities are coming in. That of course, includes gifts—and these usually come with wrapping. That's the part we want to change. There are many easily-adaptable ways to have yourself a merry, ethical and sustainable Christmas! Take a mindful approach and apply that generous spirit towards the environment too, to reduce environmental impact, whether you're spending it here in Hong Kong, or abroad.

1. Decorations

The best way to decorate during Christmas would be to use what you have from previous years—it lends a sense of nostalgia and it's eco-friendly. Alternatively, you could also make your own decorations, free from plastic and negative materials, or even a biodegradable method for the super eco-warriors. The hands-on appeal of making your own decorations can be a fun and memorable personal experience when shared with other loved ones. This could be from recycled sources like coloured paper and ribbons to make ornaments for your Christmas tree. Try edible ornaments by baking some goodies which can be eaten before the end of the day.

2. Christmas Tree

The yearly Christmas tree icon can still make its debut in your eco-friendly home. Finding a locally-sourced tree in Hong Kong will reduce your carbon footprint in place of ordering one from Europe. We've rounded up some alternative options for you and where you can find a more ethically-environmental tree. The flower market in Mong Kok also showcases a variety of sizes and styles of Christmas trees for a fun-filled family outing.

Oncor Recycled Trees

These 100% recycled trees are made from lead-free PVC plastic and guarantee a life of 30 years or more for constant reusability and are manufactured in China to reduce shipping and carbon footprint.

Head to their online store which includes free shipping.

Sai Kung Christmas Trees - Wah King Garden

The Wah King Garden Centre supplies over 700 trees at the end of November and is super popular for festive-goers.

More info:

Address: Wah King, Lot 907, DD217, Tai Chung Hau Road, Sai Kung

Contact: +852 2792 7440

Kalok Horticulture

Nearby Kalok Horticulture also has a variety of firs for your holiday decorating.

Address: Kalok Horticulture, 1K Mang Kung Wor Road, Sai Kung

Contact: +852 2719 3039

3. Christmas Cards

There are plenty of options for sourcing eco-friendly Christmas cards in Hong Kong and luckily you have stumbled across the right place. Cha Siu Papers' Christmas Cards are available as Plantable Cards or Eco-Friendly Cards. Find a Hong Kong-style card or an animal Christmas card depending on your preferences.

4. Gift Wrapping

Steer clear of disposable wrapping paper this year and opt for an eco-friendlier option. At Cha Siu Papers, we have reuseable everyday-use drawstring bags which we use for wrapping the goodies under the tree. Find yours here.