Meet The Artist: Annie the Crochet Master, Designer & Mother

The beautiful original designs and crafts of these crochets are by Annie, a talented artist in Hong Kong, finding time to balance between making her exquisite dolls and being a mother. Every piece made by Annie has its own story and led by inspiration, lending a unique array of designs, each with a personal touch and many inspired by her son. Cha Siu Papers' Faye Bradley sat down with the maker to share the experiences and inspiration behind Annie's work and how she started her business in crochet.

Image courtesy of Annie
Image courtesy of Annie

When did you start crotchet and what inspired you?

I started crochet around 2001. I was really stressed and anxious as I was getting my doctorate degree in music. It was highly competitive and I was always feeling nervous. I bought some yarn and gave it a go. It really relaxes me and gives me a lot of happiness. I then made for my friends and eventually sold those pieces to others. Then I had my son, who is my main inspiration for everything I make.

Image courtesy of Annie

How long does it take you to design each piece? What is the process of making?

It really depends on how big the item is and how thin or thick the yarn is. But generally, it will take about 3-4 weeks for me to finalise a design and explain the story behind it. Usually, it involves a lot of maths and patience. I’ve frogged (undone in yarny terms) more times than I can count. But it’s always so worth it when it’s all finished.

Image courtesy of Annie

Which is your favourite design?

I love each one for different reasons but the octopus and mermaids are some of my favourites, mostly because it provided a magical story for my son at bedtime.

The chubby bee will always have a soft spot for me as that’s the first pattern I released and it was so successful. I am so thankful that it has made its way into so many homes and hearts.

Image courtesy of Annie

How do you find living in Hong Kong compared to your hometown?

I’m originally from NYC and I do miss my loved ones a lot. But I have found that HK makes me feel at home. I love the culture, the people and the food here. It’s definitely a place I can see myself living for the long term. It’s beautiful here.

Image courtesy of Annie

What are the next steps for your brand?

I definitely see myself making more designs, selling the physical dolls and hopefully more collaborating with local brands I love. Eventually, I’d love to take this from a part-time business to a full time one.

Cha Siu Papers is collaborating with Annie and will be selling Package Sets (Crotchet + Card) soon. Watch this space to find out more, stock is limited!

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