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Boutique hotels have been cropping up on Hong Kong’s radar more than ever before, celebrated for their unique features and homey hospitality. A slightly more-niche category, boutique art hotels, are making their mark, too. Situated in the historic (and now, trendy) Yau Ma Tei district, Hotel Stage aims to provide a hub for local artists to thrive and showcase their work to travellers and stoppers-by. Cha Siu Papers’ founder Faye Bradley stayed for one night to experience the art scene and the hotel facilities.

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Buzzing Location

Yau Ma Tei neighbourhood is an up-and-coming location within a community of family-owned traditional shops and herbal medicine apothecaries. Hotel Stage embraces the historical surroundings which can be noticed throughout the property—from the Hong Kong guidebooks to the displays of city artisans. Guests can visit local eateries and shops around the area, or venture out further to the city—the hotel is conveniently propped next to Jordan MTR Station for easy access.

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Stylish Décor

Hotel Stage was designed by Alen Chen, resulting in a sophisticated yet intimate space with just the right amount of artistic flair. The lobby windows featured quirky stickers of citizen sketches whilst the lift area hosted several sculptures. White, grey and teak dominate the palette here to emphasise its minimalistic touch, with sleek furnishings throughout the property—it feels very fresh and new. The hotel hosts 97 guest rooms over 13 floors, some with different imaginative themes, again paying homage to local artists and photographers.

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Comfortable Rooms

There are three room types: the Superior Room, the Deluxe Room and the Suite. We stayed in the Deluxe Room, a spacious and practical room with compact components like its expendable pull-out countersink and cupboard toiletries to optimise space—an applicable take away from my stay and perhaps for future interior designing and storage ideas. Natural lighting is generous—courtesy to the tall windows—which also offer sweeping views of the city and its contrasting outdoor bustle. Everything felt remarkably clean which is a crucial attribute for my hotel experiences and for obtaining trust.

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Artistic Facilities

There are quite a few chic facilities in the hotel, just as I was hoping for—it is an art boutique, after all. My favourite space was Club Stage on the third floor: a private library exhibiting some of the most fascinating art and creativity books—think dedicated photography books of Audrey Hepburn and Leonardo da Vinci historical memoirs. What was most impressive, undeniably, was the enormous book under the spotlight as you enter the room—renowned celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz’s large-sized collection of some of the most iconic stars—with an artistic flair, from Will Smith on a horse to Queen Elizabeth II in her prideful palace. Definitely worth a look (with the fingerprint-free gloves, of course). It’s safe to say I was here for a considerable amount of my evening, basking in the limited time with rare books I may not be able to encounter again for some while.

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Bookworms can continue to venture in the next best spot the hotel has to offer. Just outside the lobby and down a snazzy basement space, lies the Muse wine bar, which features a bookshop for an artsy souvenir. We bought an apocatheries history book, inspired by the colourful medicinal packaging—one which I’d like to interpret into my own work, eventually. Lounge in the bar area with a glass of red here—the adjacent mini gallery displays works of art by local contributors. We saw the paper art which was a collection of skillful artists with expertise in paper cutting.

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The hotels' in-house restaurant, Kitchen Savvy, offers Italian cuisine at dinner and a hearty breakfast in the mornings. We had the scrambled eggs with avocado (buffet was closed due to hygiene and safety precautions).

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Clean Space & Accommodating Service

Our experience at Hotel Stage was modern and clean with accommodating service and hospitality during our stay. It's so inspiring to see the creative arts scene in Hong Kong becoming more recognised through boutiques and groups which support local talents.

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More info:

Location: 1 Chi Wo St, Jordan

Phone: 852 3953 2222

Insta: @hotelstage | Facebook: @hotelstage

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Written content by Faye Bradley for Cha Siu Papers