The Ultimate Hong Kong Eco Christmas Gift Guide

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Go green this Christmas in Hong Kong by gifting with an eco-conscious heart, without harming the environment or compromising the delightful responses from your recipients. From handmade soaps to blissful organic bedding, each present will lend an environmentally guilt-free surprise this season—one that will last. We strongly believe in buying local, ethically-sourced products, so here we have it: a compiled, hand-picked list of the best eco-friendly gifts—all tried-and-tested by our team at Cha Siu Papers—to put under the Christmas tree. All images and text content are created by Cha Siu Papers unless stated overwise.

The Bali Box

One-Off Quarterly Box

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

We're kicking off with the ultimate gift box: Hong Kong's first eco-subscription package. This is a perfect way to introduce eco-living into your daily life, or if you’re well on the bandwagon, a replenishing of stock. The Bali Box is a quarterly subscription of hand-picked eco-conscious, sustainable, and natural products, sourcing bath, beauty and kitchen items from Bali to Hong Kong and makes a great eco-Christmas gift. Shipping emissions are offset using for every order.

Cha Siu Papers trialed and tested the One-Off Quarterly Box, an assortment of luxury eco-items from kitchen necessities to natural bath remedies. Each item is carefully sourced by founder Tara who ensures the products tick all the environmentally-friendly boxes (natural, non-toxic, biodegradable/recycled materials, including coconut and essential oils, dried lontar palm leaf, seagrass, recycled cotton, beeswax, and soy wax, and packaging (if any) is generally recycled paper, tin or glass). She works with local artisans and small businesses in Bali to ensure social responsibility, and all products are plastic-free with the exception of some caps on natural bug sprays and essential oils. Read our Unboxing article to find out more about The Bali Box and what they offer.

Cha Siu Papers' results: A wonderful package of high-quality, eco-friendly products for everyday use and living.

Price: $700 HKD for one box (7-8 products per box)

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Email: | Phone: +852 6084 1606



Calming Body Mist

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Founded by local entrepreneur Giselle Lee, GLOHS strives to offer the most natural and organic sustainable skincare to truly "glow" with youth. All the ingredients are sourced and hand-picked from selected farms that use traditional cold-pressed methods to ensure optimum potency in the products, which are pesticide and fertiliser-free.

The Calming Body Mist is a light oil mist aimed at relaxing your senses and improving sleep patterns. Packed with antioxidants, omegas and Kashmir lavender, this gentle moisturising spray feels light on the skin and is suitable for babies and children—an ideal stocking filler.

Cha Siu Papers' results: It's a home-based aromatherapy session for undisturbed, blissful sleep.

Price: $650 HKD for one bottle (120ml)

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John Masters™ Organics

Overnight Facial Mask with Pomegranate and Moroccan Rose

John Masters Organics specialises in perfecting natural beauty products, by sourcing and using quality, organic ingredients to make you feel and look your best. The brand has made it on our eco-gift guide based on its sustainable principles and dedication to the environment and animals (the label is endorsed by PETA), inspiring its customers to wear "clean".

All products are formulated with at least 70% or more organic content, free from silicones, parabens, and all things harmful. The minimal packaging is recyclable and easy to use. We've chosen the Overnight Facial Mask with Pomegranate and Moroccan Rose, a plant-powered mask to soothe and soften your skin. Curated from pomegranate enzymes to exfoliate and smoothen, and rose oil to plump and hydrate your face, this natural remedy does wonders, all the while during your beauty sleep. Expect firmer, yet softer morning skin with a radiant glow.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Wake up with your face feeling fresh and smooth like a baby—it feels so natural too and has the rich scent of Moroccan rose.

Price: $565 HKD for one tub (93 g)

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Insta: @johnmastersorganicshk | Facebook: @johnmastersorganicsHKG

Email: | Phone: +852 2117 0721


ifc mall, 3005A, 3/F, IFC mall, Central, Hong Kong (Opening Hours: 10:00 – 21:00)

B236, Basement 2, Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong (Opening Hours: 10:00 – 21:00 | Tel: 3421-0726)

K11, B211, Basement 2, K11, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong (Opening Hours: 10:00 – 22:00

| Tel: 9264-3594)

Cityplaza, 212, 2/F, Cityplaza, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong (Opening Hours: 11:00 - 21:00 | Tel: 2633-022)


Deodorant Push-Up Stick, Charcoal Detox Mask, Day Face Moisturiser

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

ZeroYet100 believes in making natural, eco-conscious, cruelty-free, vegan production which are 90% plastic-free for a healthier lifestyle. Driven by the concept of green beauty, each product strives to make you feel good through its commitment to pure ingredients from the environment, all made in Hong Kong from start-to-finish. The goods are all gender-neutral and can be gifted to anyone in the family—even for mummy-to-be’s! From recyclable packaging and labelling to the toxic-free, natural processing, ZeroYet100 is definitely on our Santa’s to-gift list.

The three pressies we’ve comprised are the Z3 Refresh - Deodorant Push-Up Stick, the Charcoal Detox Mask, and the Day Face Moisturiser (with UV protection). Each is made of all-natural ingredients, toxin-free and reuseable packaging which can be sent back to the brand once finished or you can keep. The company upcycles its paper deodorant sticks by filling them up with leftover bits of wax crayons before sending them off to the Box of Hope charity boxes during Christmas.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Refreshing and feels so natural—helped minimise my pores too.


Z3 Refresh - Deodorant Push-Up Stick (50 gm): $148 HKD 

Charcoal Detox Mask (45 gm): $128 HKD 

Day Face Moisturiser (with UV protection) (30 gm): $208 HKD

Get your Paper Deodorant Push-Up Stick here

Get your Day Face Moisturiser Stick here

Get your Charcoal Detox Mask here


Insta: @ZeroYet100 | Facebook: @zeroyet100

Email: | Phone/WhatsApp: +852 2524 4948 

Visit: 702 Car Po Commercial Building, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

your daily muse

Hidden Gems Soap, Nectar & Mana Soap, The Moon Garden: Aromatherapy Body & Hand Oil

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

Founded upon the notion of pursuing a non-toxic, natural lifestyle, your daily muse produces minimalist, plant-based skincare products that are good for you and the environment. From start to finish, each product practices “good manufacturing” procedures to ensure quality and freshness by making in smaller batches. We chose this brand to feature on our Cha Siu Papers’ Eco-Christmas Guide based on its environmentally-friendly ethos, particularly exemplified in the ingredients. The label uses vegan-friendly certified-organic ingredients to make its products, never using any artificial substances, colours or fragrances to ensure you’re on an all-natural regime.

Some lovely gifts from your daily muse include the Hidden Gems soap and the Nectar & Mana soap, hand-crafted and cold-processed for an all-natural washing. The Moon Garden: Aromatherapy Body/Hand Oil is a plant-based oil formula packed with nutritious ingredients including South Indian Jasmine essential oil, serving as a roller which can be easily applied without leaving a greasy feeling. Gift these together as a set for an eco-pampering experience.

Cha Siu Papers' results: It's like your own home-aromatherapy and diffuses a fragrance so lovely.


Moon Garden Aromatherapy Oil (15 ml): $198 HKD

Nectar & Mana Soap (120 g): $98 HKD

Hidden Gems & Travel Tin (90 g): $138 HKD 

Get your Moon Garden Aromatherapy Oil here

Get your Nectar & Mana Soap here

Get your Hidden Gems & Travel Tin here


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Email: | Phone: +852 9187 0970 

Awareness Organics

Rejuvenating Radiant Serum

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

For those looking for a gift which is pretty much zero-waste, meet Macau-based Awareness Organics. From the plantable basil-seed packaging to the natural, organic ingredients, this skincare brand aims to highlight the importance of the environment through minimal production processes. 

The Rejuvenating Radiant Serum is made from 99% certified-organic ingredients, aimed at soothing irritation and dryness and tighten pores from the Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Maracuja Oil for a healthy, youthful glow. Rich with antioxidants, this serum is further infused with Rosehip Seed Oil and Argan Oil to improve skin elasticity.

Cha Siu Papers' results: I love that the packaging is all biodegradable! And the serum leaves skin really smooth when applicated.

Price: From $289 HKD 

Get yours here


Insta: @awarenessorganic | Facebook: @awarenessorganic

Email: | Phone: +853 6338 0902

Address: Ground Floor, Travessa da Fabrica No.5, Estr. da Areia Preta, Macau


Vitamin B Tea Tree Serum

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

LEMOISKINCARE believes in providing the best eco-friendly, natural skincare products using quality, locally-sourced Hong Kong ingredients. Incorporate an eco-conscious to your daily self-care routine by indulging in the handmade cold-processed soaps, chemical-free skincare, and customised services for your gifting this season. 

The Vitamin B Tea Tree Serum is a must-have for stocking fillers as a skin-regenerating moisturiser which can also be used to tackle acne and spots—packed with Vitamin B5 and B3. This serum is made from fresh, plant-based oils, therapeutic essential oils and eco-friendly packaging, without the use of any artificial or harmful oils.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Put this eco-serum on any breakouts, morning or night.

Price: $210 HKD (20 ml) / $285 HKD (30 ml)

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Insta: @lemoiskincare | Facebook: @lemoiskincare

Email: | Phone: Mobile: +852 9875 0038


Design Store (Mong Kok), Shop 109-112 T.O.P. This Is Our Place, 700 Nathan Road, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

Design Store (Causeway Bay), Shop 302, Hysan Place, 500 Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay (to be opened end of December)


Calendula Officinalis Lipstick & Infused Oil

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

Proudly made in Hong Kong, the products of VegeCoop adhere to veganism, environmentalism and craftsmanship. Their fresh, natural lipsticks and skincare balms are well protected by the eco-friendly paper and bamboo tubes. Local organic Calendula Officinalis is the signature raw material used and turned into lipstick, healing sticks and infused oils for direct application onto sensitive skin. 

Gift something festive and eco-friendly this year with the brand’s Christmas Set which includes the Calendula Officinalis Lipstick and Calendula Officinalis Infused Oil. The festive cloth used as packaging came from a local market, 棚仔 (Yen Chow Street Hawker Bazaar) which has been facing the threat of urban redevelopment.

Cha Siu Papers’ results: Super moisturising and soft on the lips.


Calendula Officinalis Lipstick (10g): $108 HKD

Calendula Officinalis Infused Oil (15g): $30 HKD

Get yours here


Insta: @vegecoophk

Email: | Phone/WhatsApp: +852 5130 9852

Soaper Delights

Vegan Lip Balm

Image courtesy of Soaper Delights

Soaper Delights is a Hong Kong-based company with an eco-conscious approach to its products. Following a low-impact lifestyle, the brand is mostly local-made, sustainable and great for your skin. The soaps, balms and deodorants are handcrafted using ethical, quality raw materials formulated using vegetable oils, butters, clays, herbal infusions, and working with local partners. 

The Vegan Lip Balm is a great product to gift in the stockings, wrapped in biodegradable paper packaging and crafted to nourish, protect and safely moisturise chapped lips through the cold of winter.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Great to use in winter for chapped lips.

Price: $90 HKD (10 ml)

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Insta: @soaper_delights | Facebook: @HKsoaperdelights

Email: | Phone: +852 6298 2492

Coconut Matter

Refresh Coconut Oil Lip Balm and the Sleep Well Coconut Body Butter

Image courtesy of Coconut Matter

Coconut Matter focuses on cruelty-free, plant-based beauty products, from deodorants to body butter. The all-natural brand has a love for coconuts for its eco and healing benefits, offering a collection of environmentally-friendly makeup and skincare for your daily routine.

Some of our favourites include the Refresh Coconut Oil Lip Balm and the Sleep Well Coconut Body Butter—a perfect set for eco-island dreamers.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Feel like you're on a coconut-clad palm beach somewhere when you're applying these au-naturale products.

Get your Refresh Coconut Oil Lip Balm here

Get your Sleep Well Coconut Body Butter here


Insta: @coconutmatter | Facebook: @coconutmatterhk

Email: | Phone: +852 9539 1151


Baie Botanique Rose Renew Regenerating Eye Cream

Image courtesy of MiNaturally

MiNaturally supplies brands that are organic, natural and cruelty-free. All of the ingredients at Baie Botanique are chosen for their skin-enhancing benefits, with a pledge to create a powerful botanical skincare range, loaded with pure and natural ingredients and high organic content.

The Baie Botanique Rose Renew Regenerating Eye Cream is a rose-enhanced, collagen-boosting organic eye cream, aimed at reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Wake up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Get yours here

Price: $600 HKD (15 ml)


Insta: @minimalist_naturally | Facebook:



Moonglade Candle

Christmas Reed Diffuser and Candle Gift set

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

Linda Tse founded Moonglade Candle as a way to apply her passion in scents and fragrance into the luxurious candles, handcrafted by herself and inspired by the culture, nature and art around her. The vegan brand follows a sustainable ethos of being 100% natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly, made from top-quality ingredients—only pure soy wax and coconut wax, lead-free cotton core wicks and fine botanical essential oils is uses in making. Moonglade Scented Stories is a platform dedicated to bespoke wedding and venue scents for those looking to host an environmentally-friendly event with an alluring aroma.

We've chosen the Christmas Reed Diffuser and Candle Gift set for decadent festive gifting. Each year, Moonglade Candle captures the essence of the holiday with a lush natural fragrance. The collection includes one vegan scented candle and one all-natural reed diffuser, crafted from silver fir, fresh pine, ginger and Christmas citrus.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Lifts the mood in any room with its refreshing scent, one that I'd like to be using all year-round.

Price: $680 HKD (comes with Candle 190ml & Reed Diffuser 150ml)

Get yours here


Insta: @moongladecandle | Facebook: @moongladecandle

Email: | Phone: +852 9869 0397


Upcycled Pillow Cases

Image courtesy of Noaah

Local brand Noaah upcycles deadstock and surplus fabric into homeware products to promote waste minimisation and slow fashion. The textile industry is currently the world’s second global polluter after oil and gas and this brand is finding ways to combat the negative impacts of fast fashion through reuseing unwanted materials and creating a new purpose for it.

At the moment, Noaah is focusing on its cushion covers (and cushion, if needed) and offers an array of delightful designs to choose from. Each product has limited stock due to availability of fabrics so it would make a uniquely eco-friendly contribution to any home—a lovely Christmas gift.

Cha Siu Papers' results: An amazing concept and such beautiful designs—supportive cushions and matches any home.

Price Range: from $270 - $420 HKD (sale on at the moment $230 HKD - $370 HKD) for the cushion cover and additional $40 HKD for the inner 

Get yours here


Insta: @noaahhome | Facebook: @noaahhome

Email: | Phone/WhatsApp: +852 5211 5523

Essencial Candle

Mármore Candle & Classico Candle

Image courtesy of Essencial Candle

Gift the calming Essencial Candles this Christmas for a natural, air-purifying experience. The brand makes all its products from beeswax, sourced from a local bee farm in Hong Kong to obtain the substance from its freshest state. Every candle is infused with 100% Pure Essential Oils, making this the ideal present for those who love spa days, meditating, yoga, or a night-in of self-pamper. The wick is made from 100% cotton making it completely safe to breathe and promoting its health benefits.

We recommend the Lemongrass from the Mármore Collection to go with one of the Classico Collection candles for a delightful gift set.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Lasted for ages, we kept this lit during blog-writing to soothe thoughts and mental clarity.


Mármore Collection Candle (100 g): $150 HKD

Classico Collection (Small) Candle (80 g): $100 HKD

Get your Mármore Collection Candle here

Get your Classico Collection (Small) Candle here


Insta: @essencialcandles | Facebook: @essencialcandles


Okooko by European Bedding

Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress III

If you're looking to integrate an eco-lifestyle to your home furniture Okooko by European Bedding is your sustainable sleepers’ dream label. Okooko’, an old Maori saying for ‘to cradle in your arms’, was founded in Hong Kong in 2006 by Rochelle Le Pine before joining with European Bedding in 2018, to present a collection of high-quality, environmentally-friendly mattresses, pillows, bed frames, and sheets. This luxury brand advocates a natural lifestyle with its latex mattresses and seals of approval to check all the eco-boxes: Organic, Sustainable, FSC-certified.

Quality sleep and rejuvenation is a necessity, and this brand has recognised and mastered how to achieve it. Each customisable sleeping system provides excellent back support for your individual needs–for example, a king-sized mattress with one firmer and one softer side based on each partner’s preference. The brand’s best-seller, the Heveya Natural Organic Latex Mattress III, has made it on our Eco-Christmas guide—a true cloud nine sleeping experience. Plush yet supportive, with an additional soft topper this three-layered—besides its blissful feel—is also a perfect solution to those who are prone to allergies. The latex core is breathable, and naturally dust mite and mould resistant. Encased in a removable cover, made of luxurious bamboo fibre filled with organic cotton padding, the Heveya mattress is easily cleaned to ensure a hygienic sleeping environment.

Cha Siu Papers' results: The most comfortable and supportive bed you could ever imagine for the most blissful nights' sleep.

Price: $31,500 HKD for an EU King Size Mattress (180 cm x 200 cm)

Get yours here


Insta: @okookobyEB | Facebook: @okookobyeb

Email: | Phone: +852 6286 1132

Visit their showroom: 13F The Plaza LKF, 21 D'Aguilar Street, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Hours: Wednesday - Sunday:  10.30am - 7pm

*For appointments outside these timings, please call +852 6286 1132

Candle Up 

Coconut Shell Candle

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

Candle Up is a Hong Kong-based boutique company making 100% soy wax candles, hand-poured by the artisan herself. The natural, eco-friendly pieces are placed in earthy containers to reduce waste and uses a no-plastic policy—the handmade Indian pouches the candles sit in is a beautiful finishing touch to your Christmas gifting.

The Coconut Shell Candle in Lavender & Peppermint will light up any room with a calming aroma of a natural scent. Get in contact directly with Candle Up to customise your candle with the fragrance of your choice. 

Cha Siu Papers' results: These smell so natural and the coconut container is such a nice touch.

Price: $200 HKD

Get yours by contacting Candle Up directly

Insta: @candleupworld | Facebook: @candleup

Email: | Phone: +852 9616 5214


Alpaca Blanket

Image courtesy of MadeInPeru

Made In Peru was founded by Hong Kong-based couple Crystal and Dale after a life-changing trip Dale embarked on to the Amazon Jungle and a trek in the Andes. Inspired by all things handmade and traditionally made by the people of Peru, the brand was born. From Peruvian jewellery to superfoods, to hand-knitted Alpaca products, each piece represents its own story and heritage.

We’re obsessed with the snug alpaca/alpaca-blend blankets, which can be used as throws, shawls and scarves as a lifelong gift, ideal for winter weather. Made In Peru offers a variety of vibrant and cultural designs made by a local family in the mountains, which not only keep you warm, but also host plenty of benefits towards the environment. Alpacas are very sustainable animals and their fur is super soft to keep you warm. These furry animals only nibble the top of grass so they cause less disturbance to vegetation, their water supply is natural due to their high-altitude living and the washing system requires less chemicals and energy than what is needed for other animals.

Cha Siu Papers' results: These Alpaca blankets are so warm and cosy, they make a great gift.

Get yours here

Price: $580 HKD


Insta: @madeinperuhk | Facebook: @madeinperuhk


The Pink Lotus HK

Agate Cheese Board with Agate Cheese Knives and Coasters 

Image courtesy of The Pink Lotus

All the beautiful products at The Pink Lotus are handcrafted in India, bringing a unique collection of luxurious home décor, ideal as a decorative Christmas gift. Founder and entrepreneur Ameesha Kapadia has a keen eye for unique lifestyle products and sources and handpicks each accessory herself.

Cha Siu Papers' results: The colours are so psychedelic and intriguing, a great decorative touch.

Price: $900 HKD total ($450 HKD for knives + $450 HKD for coasters)

Contact The Pink Lotus directly to purchase

Website: (website coming soon)

Insta: @thepinklotushk | Facebook: @thepinklotushk

Email: | Phone: +852 6994 3047


Heavens Please

AM Formula CBD Oil by YUYO Botanics

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

Heavens Please is a Hong Kong-based premium lifestyle brand specialising in CBD and natural products to aid everyday wellbeing. Taking a holistic approach to wellness, the label selects only non-harmful products to transform your daily ritual with emotional, physical and spiritual benefits. All ingredients are ethically-sourced and chosen with a health conscious and environmentally-friendly approach in-mind. Gift someone special the calming effects of CBD, a non-psychoactive, non-addictive natural relaxant. Every product is tested for potency, purity, presence of pesticides and heavy metals by third-party labs. If you have any concerns, this substance is completely legal and contains no THC.

The AM Formula by YUYO Botanics is distributed at Heavens Please, an organic, plant-based curation offering the many benefits of hemp. It is believed to improve sleep patterns and reduce stress to relieve pain. Formulated from hemp, ashwagandha, peppermint and lemon, this bottle comes with a dosage guide to help your routine, however, there is no strict guidelines. Drop a little bit on your tongue before swallowing after 60-90 seconds for a calming effect.

Cha Siu Papers' results: So relaxing and releases a calming effect in the body.

Get yours here

Price: $650 HKD (30 ml bottle / 300 mg CBD)


Insta: @heavensplease | Facebook: @heavensplease


Impact Berry

Coffee Christmas Set

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

For those looking for quality, eco-friendly caffeine, check out Impact Berry, the first social speciality coffee brand from and for Hong Kong. The label specialises in organic, single-origin coffees sourced only from Asia to reduce carbon footprint, and to provide an abundance of rare and lively tastes to awaken the senses naturally. All the coffee is grown on fertile, volcanic soil to avoid and eliminate the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. These are then hand-picked before transferring to Hong Kong to be roasted by the in-house experts to present to you the freshest cuppa.

Here we have an array of the best-selling products which can be bought individually or altogether as a Christmas Set (with the matching tote bag). Indulge in the Arabica coffee beans for a hint of blueberry and citrus fruit, the Specialty Robusta, for a moment of sweetness—a combination of vanilla, white chocolate and hazelnut, or the Impact Blend which keys in notes of hazelnut chocolate, citrus and caramel. Add the Hand-Grinding Coffee Machine to complete your gift and to ensure the best aroma and cup quality.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Delicious cup of coffee and rich in taste.

Price: Christmas Set (1 x Arabica 227g, 1 x Specialty Robusta 227g, 1 x Impact Blend 227g, 1 x Tote Bag, 1 x Hand-Grinding Coffee Machine): $650 HKD

Or individually:

Hand-Grinding Coffee Machine - $180 HKD

Arabica 227g  Coffee - $140 HKD

Specialty Robusta 227 g Coffee - $140 HKD

Impact Blend 227 g Coffee - $150 HKD

Tote Bag - $100 HKD

Price for extended Christmas package incl. French Press Coffee maker - 1000 HKD (8% discount)

Get yours here


Insta: @impactberry | Facebook: @impactberry

Email: | Phone: Mobile: +852 5960 3154 | WhatsApp: +49 1788 0927 11

Also available at: & (coming soon)

Restore Hydration

Restore Hydration Bottle

Image courtesy of Restore Hydration

For those feeling constantly dehydrated, this may be the solution to your thirst. A concept derived from Australian coasts, Restore Hydration is an innovative and unique mineral concentrate formula that rapidly corrects the symptoms of cellular dehydration. The blend is made up of over 50 types of organic sea minerals from the Great Barrier Reef, desert salts, Himalayan salts and Stevia, mixed in a base of liquid chlorophyll. When you mix the concentrate with filtered or spring water, the electrolyte will bypass any biochemical blocks interfering with the passage of water into your cells.

This natural product is made in Australia free of sugar, calories, and any artificial chemicals which could affect your biochemical balance. 

Cha Siu Papers' results: A great way to restore hydration after a busy day out and about.

Price: $188 HKD (60 ml bottle)

Get yours here


Insta: @restore_hydration | Facebook: @restorehydrationdrink

Email: | Phone: +852 2372 9700

Visit: G/F 120 Stanley Main Street, Stanley, Hong Kong


Fairtaste Organic Coffee & Organic Cashew Brittle

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

Devoted to promoting Fair Trade, organic products, and ethical consumption, Hong Kong-based label Fairtaste is a self-sustaining social business committed to a sustainable future and providing the products to get us there. From Fair Trade coffee to cashew brittle, Fairtaste enhances social, economic and environmental development during every stage of the making process.

We’ve chosen the label’s iconic premium coffee sachets and the delicious Organic Cashew Brittle. Fairtaste Organic Coffee is 100% organically grown, Fair Trade Arabica beans and is Hong Kong’s first local fair trade brand with its own roastery, coming from ten coffee regions in Asia, Africa and Latin America. This ethically sourced-and-made label would go great as a Christmas gift with the Fairtaste Organic Cashew Brittle, the first locally-produced Fair Trade snack in Hong Kong. It’s absolutely delicious and crunchy, made with organic cashews from India and the finest organic raw cane sugar from Paraguay.

Cha Siu Papers' results: The Cashew Brittle was absolutely delicious (and went so well with the coffee)!


Organic Cashew Brittle: $92 HKD

Fairtrade Organic Coffee: $12 HKD (per sachet)

Get yours here


Insta: @fairtaste | Facebook: @FAIRTASTE

Email: | Phone/WhatsApp: +852 5546 1466

Visit: 1310 & 1506 Wing Hang Industrial Building, 13-29 Kwai Hei Street, Kwai Chung, Hong Kong

Cacao HK

Praline Box Sets

Image courtesy of Cacao HK

Meet Cacao HK, guilt-free luxury chocolates with an eco-conscious. This brand aims to raise awareness of human trafficking and environmental issues by ensuring that every stage of the making and supplying process is ethical and sustainable. In West Africa, the chocolate industry is renowned for its association with child trafficking and deforestation through its reliance on cheap cocoa beans which is condemned by many. Providing an alternative to unknowingly supporting these labels, Cacao HK provides the ethical option, sourcing only the top-quality Colombian cocoa beans supplied by conservation NGO, Masarang. Its production is associated with reforestation, a minimal carbon footprint and a major increase in income for Indonesian villagers who harvest and process the palm sap. These chocos are also wrapped in minimal, reuseable or compostable packaging, delivered only by an electric vehicle or by public transport—a carbon-neutral company.

Choose from their selection of delicious pralines, a perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones, available in boxes from 8 to 25 pieces. All pralines are handmade using their own guilt-free 65% dark chocolate and homemade ganaches: salted caramel, peppermint, coconut, orange, hazelnut, ginger, Pedro Ximenez, Arabic coffee. Vegan versions of all but the peppermint and Arabic coffee pralines are available to order. 

Cha Siu Papers' results: An excellent array of flavourful pralines to satisfy every sweet tooth.


Box of 8 assorted pralines: $160

Box of 25 assorted pralines: $480

Box of 25 assorted pralines in gold lacquer box: $580 (in the unlikely event that you do not want to keep the box they will give you $50 off your next order if you return the box to them in good condition).

Get yours via WhatsApp, email, Facebook, or Instagram (see below).

Delivery is free for orders more than $300 to addresses in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories but excluding outlying islands.

They will also be at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Room 2817, December 11th & 12th 11 am - 7 pm and Prestige Fair, Conrad Hotel on December 16th, 10 am - 8 pm.


Insta: @cacaohk | Facebook: @cacaohk

Email: | Phone/WhatsApp: +852 9780 7360



Chakra Collection: Crown Chakra, Brow Chakra, Heart Chakra

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

Infused with high-quality, symbolic mantras, FLO JEWELLERY is aimed at inspiring hope and positive energy to its onlookers. Every piece is handcrafted by skilled jewellers using 925 sterling silver, 18K rose or yellow gold and dedicates to working with ethical, family-run businesses to ensure fair and sustainable production at each stage of the process, all the while supporting your wellbeing with spiritual integrity. The Impact collection is dedicated to support good causes with charity jewellery, and all proceeds go to help underprivileged women and children in Hong Kong and Asia. The brand is also soon launching a collection of ethical jewellery made by women in villages of Cambodia, with all proceeds going to support the educational and living needs of the poorer families and communities.

Cha Siu Papers has chosen three divine pieces from the Chakra collection which represents the energy of your thoughts, actions and emotions, a loving Christmas gift for someone special this festive season.

The Crown Chakra necklace (in Yellow Gold) is a symbol of spirituality, wisdom and divine connection. Located above the head, this luxe piece connects you beyond the universe towards spirituality, enlightenment and energy. Next, the Brow Chakra (in Silver), a necklace flowing with intuition, inspiration and clarity, is placed between the eyes to showcase physical and intuitive vision—empowering imagination, intelligence and psychic power. And alas, the Heart Chakra earrings (in Rose Gold), a representation of love, compassion and relationships directed at the heart as a centre for consciousness and spirituality. Gift this beautifully thoughtful combination of symbolic love symbols to allow one to love deeply, brings a sense of peace, serenity and compassion.

Cha Siu Papers is currently writing an article about FLO JEWELLERY’s full Chakra Collection so stay tuned to find out more.


Crown Chakra Yellow Gold Necklace: $780 HKD

Brow Chakra Silver Necklace $750 HKD

Heart Chakra Rose Gold Earrings $480 HKD

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Bubbles and Spells

Keratin Shampoo Bar, Conditioner Bar, Cleanser Balm Bar, Handmade Soap

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

Mother and soap crafter Chiara Degan is the founder of eco-skincare brand Bubbles and Spells, a natural and healthy assortment of bath bombs, hand-crafted soaps, shampoo bars, body scrubs, and more. Each product is handmade in Hong Kong with sustainable ingredients and would make an excellent Christmas gift for bath-lovers.

We’ve chosen four of her products to feature in this gift guide, the Keratin Shampoo Bar, the Conditioner Bar, the Cleanser Balm Bar, and the Handmade Soap all made by Chiara for Bubbles and Spells. The Keratin Shampoo Bar is a pH-balanced shampoo packed with essential oils of rosemary and tea tree to promote hair growth and unclog hair follicles. Shampoo bars are a great alternative to plastic bottle packaging. Next, the Conditioner Bar, crafted from cocoa butter, Keratin protein and lemongrass and ginger, for moisturising and nourishing the scalp and split ends. Another favourite, the Cleanser Balm Bar is a solid cleanser bar made from coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, mango butter and more, helping to keep skin clean and can be used as a moisturising face wash and makeup remover. Feel the benefits of softer skin from the handmade, traditional cold-processed soaps at this lovely eco-brand.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Love the hair cleansing bar concept, super eco-friendly and smells and feels so good.


Keratin Shampoo Bar (75 g): $60 HKD

Conditioner Bar (40 g): $40 HKD

Cleanser Balm Bar (23 g): $30 HKD 

Handmade Soap: $50 HKD 

Contact Chiara directly to order your eco-product

Insta: @bubbles_and_spells | Facebook: @bubblesandspells


Hugz for Charity

Cup Cozy & Cord Keepers

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

Hugz for Charity is a non-profit organisation which makes crochet crafts for charity. Each year, the label donates all proceeds to a local charity: this 2019 year sales go towards the Adoptive Families of Hong Kong. Choose from Vanessa's delightful designs (made-to-order) which would make great Secret Santa gifts and stocking fillers.

We've chosen this gift which gives back, and is also eco-friendly—check out the coffee cosies and cord keepers which essentially eliminate disposable cup thermals and rubber bands.

Cha Siu Papers' results: A great concept that takes an eco-friendly, charitable approach for your daily necessities.

Price: $30 HKD for the Cup Cozy, $60 HKD for the Cord Keepers (pack of five)

Get yours by messaging Vanessa directly

Insta: @hugzforcharity | Facebook: @hugzforcharity


Flow Factory Co.

Cork Yoga Mat

Image courtesy of Flow Factory Co

Australian-owned Flow Factory Co. operates in Hong Kong to provide fitness advocates with quality, contemporary active and yoga wear and fitness equipment. The label has been spotted across the city, often sponsoring wellness events and workshops with its signature yoga mats.

We’ve chosen the popular biodegradable (but reuseable) Cork Mat to feature as a Christmas gift, ideal for those looking to kick-start their yoga goals this coming year. Made from 100% natural cork on the top layer and natural non-Amazon harvested tree rubber at the bottom, this environmentally-friendly mat is slip-resistant, water-resistant, antimicrobial, mildew-resistant and has a durable surface.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Feels so nice and plush to stretch on this mat—also lasts a long time so don't need to worry about it breaking anytime soon.

Price: $500 HKD

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Insta: @flowfactoryco | Facebook: @flowfactoryco

Email: | Phone/WhatsApp: +852 9542 2086

The Kommon Goods

Bamboo Toothbrush

Image courtesy of The Kommon Goods

The Kommon Goods makes it easier to integrate sustainable living easier into your life, offering a variety of eco-daily necessities. Start your green journey and gift loved ones with one of their bamboo products, like the Bamboo Toothbrush which comes with a tube for easy packing and travelling.

Cha Siu Papers' results: Easy to pack away and so lightweight—our favourite eco-friendly toothbrush so far.

Price: $50 HKD

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Insta: @thekommongoods | Facebook: @thekommongoods


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Merry Christmas and have a joyous eco-season from Cha Siu Papers

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