Top Hong Kong Foodie Instagrams You Need To Follow

You know the saying — the camera eats first! In this day and age, where technology plays a key role in so many things we do—from scheduling plans to online shopping—phones are a huge part of our daily life. Choosing a restaurant to eat has never been easier, with the authentic, easily-accessible Instagram app showcasing millions of photographs and #foodporn. At Cha Siu Papers, we are constantly inspired by traditional food dishes and contemporary menus, some of which we incorporate into our designs. Luckily, here in Hong Kong, we have so many choices of where to eat, and thanks to the talented photographers around the city and the ease of snapping and uploading pics on Insta, we've rounded up some of the best Foodie accounts to follow for instant food options.


This New-Yorker blogs and food-grams for an insight into the world's best dining, home-cooked recipes, and travel destinations. Meet Jen Balisi—@indulgenteats—who adores everything food-related and shares all her experiences via her online blog and worldly Instagram account. With a passion for witty captions and stunning photography, this account is sure to make you hungry, from the juicy burgers to high-end seafood. She has previously worked with Cha Siu Papers, implementing impressive yet adorable images of our foodie cards incorporated into her dim sum pics.

Followers: 360k

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This food-grammer works as a banker in the day but retreats as a full-time foodie by night. Andrew's delicious food photos take on different cuisines, from street food to fine dining, Hong Kong and beyond. This foodie is one to write cute pun captions to go with the selection of cuisines to cater to every palette.

Followers: 9.8k

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A New York-city expat, @gutakesworld—AKA Vivian—has a keen eye for delicious cuisine around Hong Kong, and portrays the true #foodporn in each post for a taste of the big city. Her online blog also documents lifestyle, travel and more food posts for an insight into the best local hotspots.

Followers: 22.1k

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Hong Kong-born and raised Harshil Bhasin is a creative content maker, with posts from delicious food to lifestyle and Hong Kong news. Follow his Instagram for stunning photography and shots around the city and some of the best restaurants to go to, all with a descriptive account of each experience.

Followers: 5.8k

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And beyond Hong Kong...


Trying and testing the most delicious cuisine across Brooklyn (and beyond), @stuffbeneats showcases his love for food in the descriptive accounts of each dining experience. From burgers to fine sushi, Ben Hon is one to inspire the food palette with a variety of cuisines to gaze over.

Followers: 55.5k

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@hk.blogger is a Honkie based in Sydney, delivering delicious photos of some gourmet, some casual dishes over in Australia. Follow her account for an assortment of choices if you're travelling over, from healthy food to ice cream treats.

Followers: 14.4k

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