Unboxing The Bali Box: The Quarterly Eco-Subscription Box

A perfect way to introduce eco-living into your daily life, or if you’re well on the bandwagon, a replenishing of stock, The Bali Box is a quarterly subscription of hand-picked eco-conscious, sustainable, and natural products, sourcing bath, beauty and kitchen items from Bali to Hong Kong. Shipping emissions are offset using MyClimate.org for every order.

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Cha Siu Papers trialed and tested the One-Off Quarterly Box, an assortment of luxury eco-items from kitchen necessities to natural bath remedies. Each item is carefully sourced by founder Tara who ensures it ticks all the environmental boxes (natural, non-toxic, biodegradable/recycled materials, including coconut and essential oils, dried lontar palm leaf, seagrass, recycled cotton, beeswax and soy wax, and packaging (if any) is generally recycled paper, tin or glass. She works with local artisans and small businesses in Bali to ensure social responsibility, and all products are plastic-free with the exception of some caps on natural bug sprays and essential oils. Read our Unboxing article to find out more about The Bali Box and what they offer.

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

The Bali Box Unboxing: Hong Kong’s First Eco Subscription Box


From the local communities of Balinese craftspeople to your doorstep, The Bali Box is an eco-subscription service founded by Hong Kong-based Tara, an eco-warrior with an intent to make sustainable living one step easier.

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Why It’s Eco-Friendly

The packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable, with the rare exception of some bottle caps socially conscious. Emissions generated have been offset using MyClimate.org, one of the best carbon offsetting organisations in the world. 80% of contributions are guaranteed to go towards tangible carbon offset projects and The Bali Box even gets to choose the project that the contributions go towards. We unboxed and reviewed The Bali Box’s One-Off-Quarterly Box for December 2019.

The box arrived in a cardboard box and we were welcomed with a product information note with some details about the brand and its eco-friendly conscience. This guilt-free box is Hong Kong’s first eco-subscription box, containing only the best quality, natural and plastic-free kitchen and personal care products for everyday use. In this quarter’s box, there were eight delightful, environmentally-friendly goodies.

The Products

Reuseable Bees Wax Wraps | Bali Bees Wraps

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The Reuseable Bees Wax Wraps by Bali Bees Wraps contribute to the eco-replacement of disposable food wraps such as cling film and aluminium foil. This reuseable option is a natural wrap, handmade using locally-sourced beeswax. The non-profit enterprise supports Indonesian women and environmental education in Bali. Use this day in, day out for an environmentally-friendly alternative to make an impact on your daily necessities.

Cha Siu Papers’ review: These are great for leftovers and packed lunch boxes for an eco-friendly approach. 

Natural Dish Soap Block & Two Non-Toxic Scrubbers | IBUBUMI

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IbuBumiBali focuses on returning environmental discipline through its products which return to Mother Nature’s roots. The brand has a zero-plastic policy and ensures all products are developed without the material from start to finish. The washable natural dish sponge uses a combination of hessian cloth, 100% cotton towel and coconut husk. Use this long-lasting, biodegradable cleaning sponge everyday.

Cha Siu Papers’ review: Use these everyday to reduce environmental impact - such an easy, biodegradable method way forward.

Handcrafted Exotic Jam | Awani

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These handcrafted exotic jams from Awani are made from fresh, exotic fruits grown in the volcanic highlands of Bali. Every jar is curated by hand, from cooking to bottling and labelling. 

Cha Siu Papers’ review: It’s delicious and eco - what’s not to love.

Natural Soap Scrub | IbuBumi Bali

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Use these natural soap scrubs from IbuBumi for cleaning dishes in the most eco-friendly method.

Cha Siu Papers’ review: A great way to clean without using any harming chemicals.

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Cocoil Bali makes housemade coconut oil for all their soaps, wrapped by local ladies in plastic-free, biodegradable packaging. The eco-label makes their own coconut oil on-site, from grounding to boiling the coconuts over a 28-day process to present a detoxifying or hydrating soap scrub bar as its final product.

Cha Siu Papers’ review: This detoxifying scrub is so ethical and we love the eco-process behind it.

Reuseable Facial Rounds | Bali Eco Product

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Eliminate the use of disposable cotton pads with these reuseable facial rounds from Bali Eco Product which feature funky patterns and easily washable options. Take off your makeup or end of day face with these resuable facial pads. 

Cha Siu Papers’ review: I always used to feel so guilty for using wasteful cotton pads but this is the perfect solution—and the designs are so cute too.

Bamboo and Cotton Earbuds | Love Earth Bali

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Reduce the use of disposable cotton buds with these bamboo and cotton replacements from Love Earth Bali which offer an eco-friendly version for eco-warriors during beauty rituals.

Cha Siu Papers’ review: A great, biodegradable method to clean post-shower.

Hydrology Seaweed Serum | Muka Concepts

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This all-natural hydrology seaweed serum by Muka Concepts is a great eco-addition to your skincare routines. It tightens pores and promotes skin elasticity through its rejuvenating properties.

Cha Siu Papers’ review: Feels so natural on the skin and hydrating after a long day out.

100% Soy Wax Candle | Candle Bali

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The candles made by Candle Bali are all made-to-order in the Indonesian workshop and crafted from 100% soy wax for the most eco-friendly, ethical approach.

Cha Siu Papers’ review: This smells so good and the soy wax melts slow and lasts ages.

Image courtesy of Cha Siu Papers

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