"Cha Siu" is a traditional Chinese dish, meaning BBQ pork but marinated in a delicious sauce, usually served with rice or noodles. Although we do love cha siu, there is no cha siu involved in the process of our card making (only during lunch breaks)! 

Cha Siu Papers was founded by Faye Bradley in 2018. Faye was born and raised in Hong Kong and has a deep passion for the visual arts. After graduating from the University of Leeds in Art and Design BA (HONS), she returned to Hong Kong to start her business in greeting cards. In an ever growing digital world, Faye has an aspiration to continue creating “old school” paper greeting cards using an eco-friendly method forward (100% recycled paper).

Being half Chinese and half English, Faye was able to find a way to express the fusion between cultures and use this to humour people through cards with "puns" and witty lines that can be entertained worldwide. Finding a unique bridge across these cultures has enhanced her creativity and exposure to Western and Eastern influences, therefore bringing you one-of-a-kind designs to make you smile.

Faye likes to spend her time drawing and painting and founded Cha Siu Papers as a way to express her passion in art and design, whilst being able to provide people with a unique greeting card for their loved ones. 

Social Media Officer

Brian Ching

Brian, our talented social media officer manages and maintains all the digital content at Cha Siu Papers. With a passion for the arts, colour and digital marketing, Brian enjoys exploring and immersing himself in beautiful cultures and portraying this through artistic expression, as represented in his use of social media. 


With a fusion of western and eastern influences during his upbringing, Brian’s ideas and interest in culture amplifies his ability to translate this through photography and content writing. 


Brian enjoys spending time with family and friends through hiking, visiting art galleries, travelling and eating lots of dim sum!


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